Muslim-Friendly Tourist Guide (MFTG)

The Rise of Muslim-Friendly Tourist Guides (MFTG)

Muslim-Friendly Tourist Guides (MFTG) represent a distinctive group of tourist guides officially licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Malaysia. These guides undergo in-depth and specialised training orchestrated by the Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC), with a specific focus on the nuances of Muslim-Friendly Tourism and Hospitality (MFTH).

The MFTG training is meticulously designed to equip guides with a profound understanding of the faith-based needs unique to Muslim tourists. Covering various aspects such as cultural sensitivities, religious practices, and dietary considerations, this comprehensive training ensures that MFTGs are well-prepared to provide an enriching and inclusive experience to Muslim travellers.

The idea for the MFTG initiative started when ITC recognised the rapid growth of the Muslim tourist market and its distinctive travel requirements. To meet these demands, ITC collaborated with industry partners to develop specialised modules and conduct training programs for licensed tourist guides across Malaysia.

A testament to the success of this initiative is the certification of 183 licensed tour guides under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia (MOTAC) as Muslim-Friendly Tour Guides. Scattered across various locales in Malaysia, these guides stand as a reflection of the commitment of the industry to cater to the diverse and specific needs of Muslim tourists, enriching their travel experiences across the country.

General Requirements

How to Apply

Submit Form

Begin by filling out the official application form provided by ITC.

Check Validation

Verify your Tourist Guide’s licence with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC).

Train with ITC

Participate in comprehensive training conducted by ITC, which includes both classroom instruction and technical tours.

Get Assessed

Undergo written and practical assessments designed to ensure you meet the established standards for Muslim-Friendly Tourist Guides.

Get Recognised

Upon successfully passing the examinations, you will be awarded the Muslim-Friendly Tourist Guide (MFTG) certificate.

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