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Mosque Tourism holds a central role in Malaysia’s endeavour to cultivate a resilient Islamic Tourism product. Each mosque, steeped in heritage, holds profound significance and a wealth of history that should be shared with the broader audience.

To enhance and develop Mosque Tourism in Malaysia, the emphasis lies on fostering collaborative efforts with the community. Typically, mosques are administered by the local community, creating a shared understanding and responsibility for the mosque’s upkeep and activities. Engaging with the community in the development process not only ensures authenticity but also facilitates the creation of immersive experiences that resonate with visitors, offering them insights into the cultural, historical, and spiritual dimensions of each mosque.

By aligning the development efforts with the needs and aspirations of the community, mosques can emerge as vibrant centres that not only symbolize religious significance but also serve as cultural hubs, enhancing the overall experience for visitors. This approach not only enriches the tourism product but also strengthens the bonds between the mosque and its surrounding community, creating a narrative of unity and shared purpose.

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