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Muslim-Friendly Tourist Guide (MFTG) Listings

Introducing the Muslim-Friendly Tourist Guide (MFTG) training program—an initiative designed to enhance the expertise of tour guides in effectively serving the Muslim tourist market. This comprehensive program covers a spectrum of topics essential for providing a culturally sensitive and enriching experience to Muslim travellers.

Participants will delve into the concept of Islamic Tourism, exploring its key elements and gaining insights into the basic principles of Islam. The training also emphasises the Islamic code of ethics, honing communication skills crucial for engaging with Muslim tourists. Addressing the specific needs of Muslim travellers, the program incorporates a thorough understanding of the MS2610 Malaysian standards.

The curriculum extends beyond theory, offering practical guidance on itinerary planning tailored to Muslim clients. Furthermore, participants will delve into the concepts of Halal and Haram, ensuring a nuanced understanding of dietary requirements and ethical considerations when interacting with Muslim communities.

Enrolling in the MFTG training program is an investment in fostering a more inclusive and culturally attuned tourism industry, equipping industry players with the knowledge and skills needed to provide exceptional services to Muslim travellers. For more details or to enrol, kindly visit our official website at or contact us at

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