MFAR Listings

Muslim-Friendly Tourism and Hospitality Assurance and Recognition (MFAR) Listings

The Muslim-Friendly Tourism and Hospitality Assurance and Recognition (MFAR) is a recognition awarded by Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) to tourism industry plvayers and businesses that have fulfilled specific Muslim-Friendly Tourism and Hospitality guidelines.

This recognition reflects the unwavering commitment of tourism businesses to address the concerns and needs of Muslim tourists, providing them with a sense of assurance and confidence. Recognition is a branding and marketing tool to promote your business to the Muslim tourist market.

As the market expanded, so did the scope of MFAR. Now, the recognition has expanded to 10 sectors including; Tourist accommodation, Spa and wellness, Medical facilities, Travel agencies, transportation hubs, Shopping malls, Amusement parks, Rest services areas, Tourism products and Convention and trade centres.

ITC has meticulously developed three distinct categories within this recognition – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each category is tailored to specific requirements and facilities aligned with the practices of Islam. This tiered approach ensures that businesses attaining the MFAR recognition not only meet the expectations of discerning Muslim travellers but also embrace the Muslim-friendly concept.

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