In late December 2020, the Prime Minister of Malaysia launched Malaysia’s National Tourism Policy 2020-2030, giving concrete direction for the future of Malaysia’s tourism industry over the next ten years.

In his speech, the Prime Minister emphasised the importance of recovery, connections, and sustainability. In the challenging period that we are facing right now and the limitations imposed upon us by the pandemic, these are the core actions we must all embrace, regardless of whatever industry we are in.

These three core ideas are emphasised further through the National Tourism Policy’s six transformational strategies namely:

  1. Strengthen governance
  2. Create special tourism investment zones
  3. Embrace smart tourism
  4. Enhance demand sophistication
  5. Practise sustainable and responsible tourism
  6. Upskill human capital

At Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC), we fully align with these concepts as well, understanding that we need to continue our efforts to revitalise the tourism sector with the best possible preparation. Insha Allah, our efforts now are to prepare for a time later when the availability of effective vaccines and the opening of borders can boost travel again.

To move us forward, ITC has embraced the philosophy of “New thinking, new actions, new results.” With this shift in perspective, we are more focused on engaging with key influencers, deepening our relations with industry players, and strengthening our ITC brand locally and internationally.

Under the National Tourism Policy, Muslim-friendly tourism has been given a priority as well with the aim of cementing Malaysia’s position as the global leader in an alternative and ethical form of tourism beyond rituals. Towards this end, ITC has been tasked to consolidate Malaysia’s position as the world’s top destination for Muslim-friendly travel by increasing the depth of Islamic hospitality.

ITC aspires to fulfil these goals through five key actions:

  1. Creating smart partnerships with related agencies to establish Malaysia as the global centre for Muslim-friendly hotel certification
  2. Positioning ITC as the leading repository of market intelligence and reference centre for Muslim-friendly tourism and hospitality
  3. Branding Malaysia as the top venue for Islamic contemporary lifestyle through conferences, fashion shows, art and calligraphy exhibitions, and gastronomy festivals
  4. Leveraging on Islamic principles as the foundation to raise the service quality of Muslim-friendly hotels
  5. Establishing smart partnerships between ITC and the Ministry of Health and the Malaysia Health Travel Council to turn Malaysia into a front-runner in Islamic healthcare and wellness.
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