Masjid Tuan Guru is a mosque in the Timur Laut district, Pulau Pinang. The state of Pulau Pinang is divided into six regions of religious administration. Mosque is a very important building for the Muslims because it is where they conduct every religious activity. Masjid Tuan Guru is an important mosque in Tanjung Tokong Village, one of the oldest villages in Pulau Pinang. This village is located just a few minutes from George Town. This town had been influenced by lots of heritage and culture, for example Malay and Chinese culture.
According to the locals, Chinese people had lived in Tanjung Tokong area for generations. The family history of the fishermen’s village in Tanjung Tokong can be seen dated back to around 300 years ago. The mixture of cultural evidence can definitely be seen in the Tanjung Tokong area.


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