Masjid Puncak Alam was commissioned in 2007 to serve the community of the newly established Puncak Alam housing estate and the booming neighboring population. It was envisioned from the onset that the whole development will be a symbolic complex that will function as a much-needed amenity for both religious and community events.
The Phase 1 development was completed in June 2014 and comprises a main prayer hall and open prayer hall that can accommodate approximately 5,000 worshippers, two towering minarets, an administrative building with lecture rooms, a multipurpose hall with ablution and toilet facilities. It is envisaged that the Phase 2 development will comprise of hostel blocks, classrooms, a bazaar and accommodation for the staff. The overall building layout embraces an open, green setting. The overall complex is also envisioned by the architect to be a contemporary and modern design to integrate with the environment and surrounded by lush greeneries. The building design and orientation maximizes natural ventilation and lighting with its wide open spaces and deep roof overhangs to protect the users from rainwater and from being totally exposed to the sun.
The prayer areas are elevated 900 mm (35.4 inches) from the ground level so as to distinguish the prayer realm from the external circulation by the use of ramps surrounding the building. It is also useful for those using wheel chairs to enter the mosque. The elevated floor provides a long-recessed
compartment to place worshippers’ shoes and slippers so as not to clutter the entrance. The wide roof overhang in all three main blocks symbolises a welcoming entrance gateway to define the building. It also offers protection and shade to the building facade.
The main ablution facilities are open-aired and stretched along both sides of the prayer hall, and surrounded by greenery. Wide-covered corridors seamlessly link the prayer hall block, administration building and multi-purpose hall to offer easy and convenient access for users getting from one building to the next. The connecting walkways are punctuated by landscaped pockets along its route to enhance one’s visual, olfactory and aural senses. Inside the main prayer hall, the use of large windows and skylight serves to brighten and inside the main prayer hall, the use of large windows and skylight serves to brighten and enliven the interior. The chandelier is a multi-layered design that is capable of changing colours to match the mood of the situation. The acoustics system utilises the operable TOA array column system. In the open prayer hall, all of the six domes are fitted with skylights to let in natural light into the prayer hall. The ceiling is made of an inverted pyramid to animate the prayer spaces as well as to serve as an acoustical purpose to disseminate the sound of prayers effectively throughout the mosque. The use of marble flooring material helps to cool the feet and create a modern and clean ambience in the open prayer hall. The two adjacent blocks comprise the administration building, and multi-purpose hall are located to the right and left side of an axial point leading to the main feature wall or Gerbang with the use of arabesque patterns made in GRC panels. The Gerbang acts as the focal point of the central courtyard leading to the main prayer hall that is capped by a bright blue quarter shaped dome. The central courtyard is planned as a communal space for religious or social purposes and as an overspill prayer area. The multi-purpose hall is very popular during weekends with various activities conducted by the mosque’s committee or rented by residents for their functions. Once fully completed, the whole complex will provide an urban oasis
and religious sanctuary for the local community.


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