Masjid Muhammadi is a state mosque for the State of Kelantan Darul Naim. The mosque was built in 1867 from selected timbers during the reign of Sultan Muhammad II (1830-1886). The renovation of this mosque from a wooden building to a new Western-style (British) stone building was made in 1922 and was inaugurated by KDYMM Sultan Ismail on Friday 31st July 1931 and named the Masjid Muhammadi.
The renovations and additions to the Mosque building have been carried out several times for example in 1959, 1968, 1976 and 1987. At present the entire Mosque building is 10,600 square feet, accommodating 2,400 worshippers. In the stages (1860s-1960s) this mosque is a well-known Islamic Centre for Studies. Among the teachers who had been teaching at this mosque were Hj. Abdul Rahman Arab, Hj. Wan Abdullah, Hj. Che Samat, Hj. Nik Wan Daud, Hj. Wan Muhammad Gagah, Sheikh Daud al-Fatoni and the famous Tok Kenali. This mosque is governed by the Islamic Religious Council and the Malay Customs of Kelantan. This mosque is a place to celebrate Kelantan State religious celebrations such as Maulidur Rasul, Isra ‘Mikraj and others. Masjid Muhammadi, is not only an architectural and historical building, it also attracts the interest of pilgrims and travelers to visit it from the very beginning to the present.
For every prayer time, no less than 500 worshippers will attend the obligatory obligation of Islam with an increase of up to 600 worshippers in the evenings. Masjid Muhammadi’s Old Imam, Zulkiflee Mohamed, 43, said the diversity of programs provided in the mosque as well as the comfort of air-conditioned prayer hall and its position in the city centre may be a major attraction to Muslims. “Every morning after dawn, we have a ‘catchment’ session (the study) of the book then proceeded with the study of the Quran for children and adults. This is followed by muzakarah and Maghrib lecture.
Masjid Muhammadi is a ‘friendly-friendly’ mosque and attracts the hearts of the young to enter it. With the open design of the mosque it also makes the situation comfortable to perform worship and as a place to rest after busy working. Masjid Muhammadi is also the mosque of Baginda al-Sultan Kelantan, the Sultan of the Vth of Muhammad, who has always performed fardhu prayers at the mosque, especially the fardhu Mahgrib and Isya prayers while meeting the people with white robe and without any protocol.


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