One of the oldest mosques in Melaka and in the country, Masjid Kampung Hulu has been around for more than 280 years. Situated in Banda Hilir, the mosque was built in 1728 by a Chinese immigrant convert named Datuk Arom @ Harun. Its original wooden structure had been replaced with concrete in 1892, except for its four main pillars and roof structure which were retained in their original forms.
The mosque has a unique architectural style which combines distinct Chinese and Javanese elements. Its sturdy minaret bears resemblance to a lighthouse or a fortress tower. Its four main pillars are made of hardwood and support the main roof. The walls are believed to have been made from a mixture of sand, egg white and granite. Its interior includes adornments in the form of ceramic tiles and floor tiles from the Ching Dynasty, as well as a wooden pulpit from the original structure which still stands strong over the centuries. Outside, in the front yard, two ancient cannons guard its entrance.
Not far from the mosque is the ancient tomb of Habib Abdullah Abu Bakar Al-Hadar, a Yemeni missionary, believed to be a hundred years old.



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