Masjid Jamek Pasir Pelangi is a Johor’s royal mosque located in Pasir Pelangi, Johor Bahru, Johor. The
Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar. Masjid Jamek Pasir Pelangi was built in 1911. The mosque is also known as the Royal Mosque and its location is located within the Sultan Johor’s relatives. Its construction is at the command of the Sultan of Johor who ruled at that time. The construction of the mosque has been delayed for a short time following the lack of labour force until it was taken over by a Singaporean contractor using convicts labour as a construction labourer. In 1988, this mosque was enlarged to accommodate the growing number of worshippers. Now the mosque can accommodate about 2,500 worshippers at one time. The cost of maintaining the
mosque is fully borne by the Johor State Government.
The design of this mosque was inspired by Major Lomak who had been a sultan escort who often followed the sultan out of the country. The construction contractor is a Singapore citizen named Onn Koon. In general, the design of the mosque is influenced by neo-classical architecture that can be seen on a slight and asymmetrical-looking building. The neo-classical design features are then adapted according to the function of a mosque. Like other Islamic architecture, this building also consists of a segmental gates in the corridors, pulpit and car porch reinforcing Islamic designs in a mosque. The overall exterior and inside of the mosque showcased the British influence design. Compared to Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar, Masjid Jamek Pasir Pelangi has only one tower that is also the main gateway to this mosque.
The uniqueness and beauty of Masjid Jamek Pasir Pelangi architecture is a tourist attraction in Johor Bahru City. Its position amidst a residential park embellishes beauty and diversity than the modern and new buildings surrounding it.


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