Masjid Hadhari was built in 2005 to replace the old mosque which could not cater the increasing number of congregation members. The mosque was named ‘Hadhari’, which brought the meaning of civilization. This mosque is located in Bandar Jerteh in Besut district. This mosque is currently the biggest mosque in Besut and has attract a lot of attention due to its aesthetic value. This huge mosque is equipped with a gigantic red dome on the centre and flanked with four tall, beautiful minarets on each of its corner. The facilities in this mosque are quite sophisticated, included with main prayer hall, multipurpose hall, special rooms, computer lab and food stalls.
The location of this mosque is quite strategic due to its position next to a river that provides an interesting landscape. It is also equipped with elevator, which is rarely seen in mosques around the country. The mosque is designed based on middle-eastern architecture and Turkish influence, as seen by its prominent dome and minarets.


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