Masjid An-Naim, Teluk Intan was built in 1980 and officiated by the Sultan of Perak on 30th September 1982. The mosque was built on 0.49 hectare of land and accommodates about 800 worshippers. The history of this mosque started with the establishment of Koperasi Perumahan Orang Melayu Teluk Intan (KOPOMTI). When the Koperasi managed to obtain a piece of land for house development, committee members felt there was a need for a place to perform the prayers. This land is now known as Taman Seri Setia. Upon discussion with all the members, they agreed to collect RM1,000 from each member to help to fund the building of the mosque.
The construction of the mosque began in 1980 when the committee members for mosque construction managed to collect around RM438,000 from various sources, including donations from state government, federal government and from the public. The architectural design and plan for the mosque that was prepared by Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) was a prototype that has been used for a number of mosques in Perak during that time. The rectangular shape of the mosque is filled with two prayer halls. The main prayer hall is located in front while another smaller prayer hall is located at the back, separated with a collapsible divider. A 50 feet tall minaret was built on the right side of the mosque, while the mosque’s dome was positioned in the middle of the main hall. A small dome was also built at the top of the minaret as the finishing touch to the mosque.
Since the construction of Masjid An-Naim, there were additional facilities built to accommodate more visitors and their needs. These include expansion of the prayer area, multipurpose hall, disabled-friendly toilets, library and a guest house for ease of visitors to the mosque. This mosque is strategically located on the roadside of Jalan Padang Tembak which is the most highly densely populated area in Teluk Intan, and also accessible to mosque tourists.


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