Masjid Al-Mukminun, Subang Jaya is a kariah mosque founded by Hj Zamree bin Hj Abdul Majid. The mosque was officiated by Dato Ishak Baharom, the Mufti of Selangor on 26th March 1995. The mosque was originally a small musolla built to accommodate Muslims in the residential area to perform their daily prayers. After a while, the residents decided to establish a mosque in the area. Their application to the state government was accepted and a beautiful mosque was finally built in USJ2 area. This mosque was selected as the best mosque in the state of Selangor in the year 2017 as it excels many different aspects and criteria. The criteria to be chosen as a best mosque in Selangor includes cleanliness, mosque organization, activities planning, waste management, bonding between the members and financial stability. Due to this reasons, Masjid Al-Mukminun was chosen as the best mosque in Year 2017 by Islamic Religious Council of Selangor.
This mosque adheres to a few principles that made its foundation strong, which includes compliance, transparency, openness, cleanliness, simple and integrity. It becomes the center of worship for the local community. The mosque is very active in the community by organizing religious activity such as sermons as well as engaging with others to make people closer to the mosque. The mosque regularly organized a ‘Family Day’ to bring the community together and create a peaceful environment. The mosque has a very nice atmosphere and landscape. Located in a residential park, next to a public field and futsal court, this mosque is often visited or passed by joggers, which made it quite a hotspot around the USJ2 area. The facilities of this mosque are clean and neat for the visitors to use. Its unique gateway and single, tall minaret became a beautiful icon of the mosque.


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