Masjid al-Malik Khalid Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) was officially opened on 2nd September 1973. The mosque was named after the 3rd Ruler of Saudi Arabia for the financial contribution received from the Saudi Government. This mosque was built on a 53.614 feet per square of land strategically located in the southwestern part of the USM Campus neighboring to Sungai Dua area. The site was ideally selected because it connects the campus directly with the urban communities, as well as to facilitate the Muslims community to perform their congregational five times daily prayers. This mosque was built with a design that combines traditional local architecture with the influence of Islamic architecture found in Western Asia.
The design is structured from a variety of materials including mosaics, stucco, stone, ceramics and wood. The more classical designs or foliage patterns are referred to as arabesque, and they may take the form of radial grids in which circle and star shapes are prominent as compared to many other styles.


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