The Kepong Metropolitan Park, located at the Northern end of Jinjang, is famous among locals for the kite flying activities that are practiced at this public facility on a daily basis. The ideal place for kite enthusiasts, there is a huge field that runs parallel to the main road in the park that is specifically for this purpose. Most barriers and trees have been removed to ensure a clearance of at least 100m for the kites to take off.

Visitors to the park will see many experienced kite flyers here showing their skills in flying huge kites, some as big as 30 feet. Colourful kites with various sizes, shapes and designs can be seen up the sky during the windy days and especially on weekends. Buying a kite is not a problem as there are a few kite sellers that ply their trade outside the park.

This 95 hectares park is a vast area that consists of a 57 hectares lake where anglers will be glad to know that they are allowed to fish here.

Other facilities at the park include a Remote Control car track, a cycling track, a football field, a boathouse and aquatic activities, a viewing tower, playground and pavilion.

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