March 22, 2024


PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA, 19 MARCH 2024: Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC), under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Malaysia (MOTAC), has joined forces with Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKKN) for this year’s Iftar@KL 2024 event. This exciting collaboration aims to immerse locals, tourists and the public in Malaysia’s vibrant Ramadan experience, showcasing the country’s unique blend of culture, faith, and hospitality. Held over the last three weekends of the Ramadan month, Iftar@KL will transform Jalan Raja, where Dataran Merdeka and the iconic Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad are located, into a lively outdoor affair.

This year’s Iftar@KL goes beyond offering the usual breaking of fast experience. ITC, dedicated to developing Islamic Tourism in Malaysia, is leveraging this partnership to give tourists a deeper understanding of Malaysia’s Ramadan traditions. Visitors can expect to:

  • Get hands-on experience: Participate in the making and distribution of bubur lambuk, a traditional spice- and herb-infused savoury rice porridge usually enjoyed throughout Ramadan. This interactive experience offers a glimpse into local culinary customs. Join in on the preparations at Dataran Merdeka from 8 am onwards on 23-24 March and 30 March 2024. 
  • Indulge in culinary delights: Explore a diverse food truck selection, showcasing the vast array of Malaysian cuisine and street food suitable for every taste bud.
  • Embrace spiritual enrichment: Attend Ramadan Tazkirah, Al-Quran recitation, an enlightening talk on Islamic knowledge, Nasyid performances, and participate in congregational prayers (Maghrib, Isya’, and Tarawih) prayers for a spiritually enriching experience.
  • Immerse in culture and history: Explore a Quran exhibition at Dataran Merdeka and enjoy poetry readings that celebrate humanity. The event’s location at Dataran Merdeka, a historical landmark itself, adds another layer to the experience. The majestic backdrop of Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad promises to leave a lasting impression, offering a unique opportunity for tourists to delve into Malaysia’s rich past while gathering and experiencing the vibrant festivities of Ramadan.

“This collaboration with JKKN is a strategic move to showcase the captivating Ramadan experience in Malaysia alongside our well-established Muslim-Friendly Tourism and Hospitality (MFTH) offerings,” said Nizran Noordin, Director-General of ITC. “Beyond spiritual programmes, we offer community-based activities that strengthen bonds and showcase our multicultural heritage. Iftar@KL serves as a platform for Muslim and non-Muslim tourists and locals to experience the warmth and togetherness of Ramadan in Malaysia. We believe this will solidify Malaysia’s position as a premiere destination for tourists seeking a culturally enriching and spiritually fulfilling Ramadan experience.”

Iftar@KL promises to be a unique celebration of heritage, culture, and history, bringing Malaysia’s unique Ramadan experience to life. The event fosters a welcoming atmosphere for both Muslim and non-Muslim tourists, offering a chance to observe, participate, and gain a deeper appreciation for this holy month in Malaysia.

About Iftar@KL

Iftar@KL is an annual programme organised by JKKN (Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara), to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. It aims to enrich the Ramadan experience by providing a platform for spiritual activities and cultural immersion. Here’s a quick rundown:

Location: Jalan Raja, Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Dates: 8 am to 11 pm, 23-24 March, 30-31 March, and 6-7 April

Free meals will be provided, benefiting orphans, homeless people, and the public. Everyone is welcome. 

About Islamic Tourism Centre

Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) is an entity under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Malaysia, tasked to develop the Islamic Tourism segment for Malaysia. It advocates for Muslim-friendly tourism (MFT) by offering research and market intelligence, training, industry development consultation, Muslim-Friendly Tourism and Hospitality (MFTH) services standards and recognition, and information exchange.

Malaysia was named the top country in the region in the MFTH sector by the State of the Global Islamic Economy (SGIE) Report 2022. The country also retained the top-ranked destination in the Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2023, a position it has defended since the launch of the Index in 2015. In the same year, Malaysia was recognised as the Top Muslim-Friendly Destination of the Year (OIC) and the Top Muslim Women-Friendly Destination of the Year in Halal in Travel Awards 2023.

In addition, ITC was named the recipient of the Strategic Business Alliance Award at The BrandLaureate World Halal Best Brand E-Branding Awards 2021. It is a recognition of ITC’s efforts and endeavours in formulating new strategies to meet the new normal of the business environment to ensure business continuity and sustainability, notwithstanding its role in developing and growing the Islamic tourism segment in Malaysia.

These recognitions are an added motivation for ITC to continue to strengthen its efforts in being a prime mover and leading institution to ensure Malaysia is at the forefront of MFTH.

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