Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. In the name of Allah The All-Compassionate, All-Merciful.

Assalamualaikum WHB (May Peace Be Upon You) from Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) in Malaysia.

Alhamdulillah, Islamic Tourism Centre set out to build Malaysia’s tourism industry in Islamic Tourism in 2009, and today, 12 years later, we see the fruits of our labour through the many accolades Malaysia has received for being the preferred Muslim-friendly tourist destination and the recognitions for ITC.

During these challenging times, ITC has been pushing forward with “New thinking, New actions, New results” with a focus on cooperation with stakeholders, strengthening ties with industry, and strengthening the ITC branding at home and abroad.

Our achievements, thus far, have been the result of the support of many, especially the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, and agencies, our partnerships with industry stakeholders, the media and the innovative ideas as a result of all. With the blessings of Allah, we are fortunate to be able to continue our efforts today, which inspires us to grow further in the coming years, insha Allah.

I take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the staff and board of trustees of ITC, YB Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Chairman of ITC not forgetting my predecessors, for a job well done. The achievements that we see today are the results of the combined efforts of every individual.

We look forward to contributing further to develop Islamic Touirsm and Muslim-friendly tourism further, and we seek the strong support from the Government, industry, partners, the media, and the public in order for ITC to fortify Malaysia’s position in an increasingly competitive landscape together. Lets work together and do our responsibility to support all the programmes toward recovery and regain momentum and retain Malaysia’s leading global position in Islamic Tourism and Muslim Friendly Tourism and Hospitality.

Dato’ Dr. Mohmed Razip Haji Hasan
Director General, Islamic Tourism Centre

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