As the holy month of Ramadan graces Malaysia with its presence, the country transforms into a vibrant tapestry of cultural and culinary experiences, making it an increasingly appealing tourist destination. Food bazaars, shopping for Eid attire, mosques filled to the brim for congregational Tarawih prayers – these are the typical activities that happen in Malaysia during the holy month. The Ramadan buffets hosted by hotels in the country stand out as an attraction, drawing international tourists to experience the unique offerings, much like how these buffets have consistently appealed to locals each year.

“The MY Ramadan Experience campaign by Tourism Malaysia and Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) is an excellent offering. Apart from the many tourism products we already have in place, I see it as an opportunity to expose and introduce tourists from other parts of the world to enjoy and immerse themselves in Malaysia’s rich culture and diversity. They can observe how a multicultural society respectfully, caringly, and understandingly goes through the month cordially and enjoyably,” said Rangkaian Hotel Seri Malaysia Chairman, Dr. Zaharudin Othman.

“We at Seri Malaysia are no exception. We definitely will give our full support to this initiative. We offer a special package for those looking to stay with us and embrace the spirit of Ramadan. Our special rate starts as low as RM95 per day throughout Ramadan until April 7, 2024. In line with our annual tradition, we will host a delightful Ramadan buffet at 16 of our hotels across Malaysia, with prices starting as low as RM55 for adults. Four of our 20 hotels will also offer an à la carte dining option.”

Dedicated to offering premier Muslim-friendly hospitality experiences, 16 out of 20 Hotel Seri Malaysia establishments have recently been awarded the Muslim-Friendly Tourism and Hospitality Assurance and Recognition (MFAR) by ITC.


Zaharudin emphasised that Ramadan was a unique time where people could witness numerous acts of kindness and see how individuals come together to help those in need. People can observe a lively nightlife where Muslims gather to pray Tarawih at night and share food afterwards. The month is characterised by increased social interaction, providing opportunities that may not arise in other months outside of Ramadan.

“I’ve observed Ramadan in various countries, including the Middle East. However, in Malaysia, the experience that feels truly unique to me is the food bazaar. On the first day of Ramadan, you will witness the emergence of food bazaars offering unique local cuisines you won’t find during other months,” he shared.

Zaharudin opined that Ramadan offers a distinctive chance to appreciate various cultures and religious practices. He shared that several of his non-Muslim friends tried to engage in the dynamics of Ramadan, with some even opting to fast to fully embrace the environment.


Zaharudin highlighted that Seri Malaysia would provide Sahur for Muslim guests while keeping the regular breakfast menu available for non-Muslim guests during Ramadan. This inclusive approach encourages integration, as everyone comes together during the breaking of the fast. The idea is to accommodate the different needs and cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation throughout Ramadan.

“In addition to our regular food offerings, Seri Malaysia, being situated throughout Malaysia, provides specific locations with their unique delicacies. We are incorporating these special delicacies into our Ramadan buffet. This way, tourists not only enjoy the Ramadan ambience during the breaking of the fast but also have the opportunity to savour the distinct local flavours from each specific location,” shared Zaharudin.

“Our theme this year is ‘Gurindam Ramadan.’ We are concentrating on offering local cuisine, taking into account the preferences of the local context and the market trends at each hotel. This gives them the freedom to choose. For example, in Terengganu, we may have Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Dagang; in Melaka, Asam Pedas; in Temerloh, Pahang, Ikan Patin. In certain places, we also offer Middle Eastern cuisine as an additional unique experience for people to enjoy.”

In addition to the food, Zaharudin also pointed out that the Ramadan buffet could attract tourists to Malaysia as they witness diverse individuals, irrespective of their religion and race, enjoying each other’s company during the buffet.

“We provide comfortable prayer facilities for our guests. We plan to integrate the environment with local music such as Ghazal, Dikir Barat, and others, creating a tranquil atmosphere and fostering togetherness while maintaining the Malaysian experience for our guests during their stay.” – RnR

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